Before and After Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service

Yard Clean Up

In East Tacoma, Washington, a once neglected home was overtaken by unruly blackberry bushes, casting a shadow on its true potential. With Mr. P’s professional team of assistants, the transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Where chaos once reigned, a vibrant landscape emerged, showcasing the potential of this sturdy home. 

Now, the once-overrun home stands as a prime example to the power of Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your property shining to its full potential.

Pressure Washing

In South Tacoma, Washington, Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service undertook the task of restoring this back patio to its former glory. Before the transformation, these outdoor spaces were marred by weeds, grime, and dirt, losing its luster. However, with the expertise of Mr. P’s pressure washing team, a remarkable change occurred. The once dingy and discolored patio was rejuvenated, revealing the original charm.

The homeowners were left in awe as years of built-up debris and stains were washed away. Now, this home in South Tacoma stands as a shining example of the transformative power of pressure washing, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming in Tacoma, Washington. The landscape was burdened by overgrown and unruly trees, creating a cluttered and unappealing environment. However, with the expertise of Mr. P’s skilled arborists, a remarkable transformation occurred. The team efficiently pruned, shaped, and cleared the trees, revealing a rejuvenated and visually pleasing landscape. 

Now, the property stands adorned with beautifully sculpted trees that not only enhance its aesthetics but also promote healthier growth. Thanks to Mr. P’s meticulous tree trimming services, the property is now a shining example of expert care and attention to detail.

Weed Control

In East Tacoma, Washington, Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service embarked on a remarkable transformation of a weed-infested landscape. The property was once marred by unsightly weeds, hindering its true potential. However, with Mr. P’s expertise and customized weed control solutions, the landscape underwent a stunning metamorphosis. 

The team effectively targeted and eliminated the persistent weeds, revealing the lush and vibrant beauty of the lawn. Now, the property stands as a testament to the dedication of Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service in creating weed-free, picturesque outdoor spaces that leave clients delighted with the results.


In Lakewood, Washington, Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service undertook a landscaping project that showcased their expertise and dedication. The “before” scene was an overgrown backyard filled with ivy. However, with their skilled hands and creative vision, Mr. P’s team breathed new life into the landscape. 

The “after” transformation left residents in awe as they beheld a stunning and picturesque setting. Gravel was laid along with sculpted hedges to make the property shine by creating an inviting atmosphere. Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service proved once again that their commitment to excellence can turn any outdoor space into a beautiful outdoor retreat.


Before Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service worked their magic in North, Tacoma, the garden was a neglected canvas, with unruly weeds and lackluster plants overshadowing its potential. However, with the expert touch of Mr. P’s dedicated team, the transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. They meticulously pruned, nurtured, and curated the garden, breathing life into every corner. 

The once lackluster space now flourishes with vibrant blooms, lush greenery, and manicured lawns, creating a serene and inviting outdoor sanctuary. Thanks to Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service, the garden has evolved into a picturesque paradise that stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence in gardening and landscaping.


Working around Tacoma, Washington, Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service specializes in assisting property owners on their transformative journeys with commercial properties. Prior to seeking Mr. P’s expertise, an investor faced the challenge of finding cost-effective landscaping solutions for multiple businesses. However, with Mr. P’s guidance, these properties experience a remarkable transformation, leaving the business owner thrilled with the successful revitalization.

By partnering with Mr. P’s Lawn Care Service, property owners in Tacoma gain a trusted ally who shares their vision for transforming business properties into desirable retail locations. With professional expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction, Mr. P. helps real business owners and estate investors achieve success in this competitive market.